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Acasa Video VideoNet În 2015, Instagram a ştears o poză cu o femeie supraponderală

So, I've been in a weird place with my weight loss journey recently and I thought it'd be good to chat about it a bit.. I first posted this #beforeandduring photo about a year ago when I was almost one year post op VSG, about 100lbs down and genuinely the most confident and happy I have ever been in my life. Now since then, I've lost a bit more weight and then gained some back. I'm probably 10lbs heavier now than I was in this photo. Not a huge amount, but I have not been moving in the direction I want to be and frankly- I'm sick of making excuses and cheating myself out of being successful and finishing what I started. I am SO ready to break this plateau and start really being intentional with my health, both physically and mentally. While I'm not where I was a year ago, I can still honestly say I am SO proud of what I've accomplished. The girl in that right photo is currently motivating me more than ever. Time to stop making excuses and selling myself short- I'm ready to reach the goals I set for myself when I started this journey. Nothing about it has been easy thus far, but I know how rewarding it is to follow through and see results. No more fear, no more excuses - Time to give myself the life I want. Ps thanks so much to @angielosing for posting this along with such kind words


În 2015, Instagram a ştears o poză cu o femeie supraponderală

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